This place is not our home. This world is not permanent. One day, all of God's people will join together in praise in a new home. A new Earth. A newRealm.


We are a worship band from Athens, Georgia. Our mission is to deliver God's message of love and hope through our music. We live for a more heavenly home far richer than anything on this earth.





In 2012, five guys from different areas of Georgia who all had a passion for music were brought together at a University of Georgia campus ministry called Christian Campus Fellowship. These guys were eager to serve and use their talents to glorify God through worship music at CCF, so they all began playing in the praise band together. This is when God planted the seed for what would later known as newRealm.

We came to Athens, Georgia with different goals and aspirations.  But through music and leading worship every Thursday night, God began to show us a new path. Our passion for leading worship grew as we also grew closer as brothers. After a couple of years, we wanted to continue leading worship together and for people outside of CCF. In 2014, the seed that God planted years before, sprouted from the ground. 

The name newRealm comes from the Book of Revelation when John describes a new heaven and earth. We believe that God has a home for us beyond what this earthly life can provide. We also believe that when we worship God, we are getting a glimpse of Heaven and Earth coming together and seeing a preview of our eternal home.

After starting newRealm, we began writing songs and taking any opportunities we could get. We lead worship at traditional places like churches, youth groups, and campus ministries, but we also were able to bring worship music to non-traditional places such as venues in downtown Athens. With our writing, we want to have music that people can worship to, but our main focus is to write music that reveals truths about God and helps people grow closer to Him as they worship. As a band, we were tired of worship music being thought of as surface level and only “feel good” music. We wanted to capture the depth and beauty of hymns in a more modern style.

In 2015, we teamed up with Paul Reeves of Domus Sound to record a few of our original songs. In October of that year, we released our EP, “The Harbor.” We were so proud to finally be able to share our music with the world. It has been amazing to hear the stories of people who God has touched through our music, from people finding hope in the lyrics in times of struggle to people being uplifted daily. This is why we do what we do.

After releasing Harbor, we have had the opportunity to lead worship throughout Georgia, Alabama, and North Carolina. We also recorded the single, “Reach for You,” with Andrew Huang and Chase Garrett. We have found that, while playing at venues is fun, our hearts are for youth and college students at events such as camps, retreats, and DNOWs. We love being able to interact and connect with students and minister to them on a personal level as well leading them in worship. 

In 2017, we starting recording our debut full-length album, “Of Your Hands.” We again were blessed to work with Andrew Huang of Bloom Sounds. We loved spending the time to be creative and turning the basic skeletons of songs into beautiful creations. We again are excited to share our music and to see where God takes it. God has used this album to transform our hearts and we pray that everyone that hears it can take something from it as well.

Throughout the last few years, God has not ceased to shape and mold us. In times of struggle and frustration, God has pruned us and in time of joy and celebration God has helped us to bloom. We have grown together as both a band and as a group of brothers. We can’t wait for what God has in store for our future and we pray that furthering His Kingdom on Earth is always our focus.